Arian Integrated Autopilot Systems

ArianTech Highly Integrated Autopilots

 are a leap forward over other avionics systems. They provide a complete, off the shelf avionics system solution including the core autopilot, flight sensors, navigation, wireless communication, and payload interfaces, all in a small, highly integrated and inexpensive package.
  • Manual catapult and car-top launch (Autonomous launch can be done by User requirement).
  • Manual Launch and recovery of wheeled vehicles (Autonomous launch and recovery can be done by User requirement).
  • Net recovery and moving net recovery can be done by User requirement.
  • Common software for all autopilot options.
  • AHRS Navigation with Airspeed(GPS/INS with aided AHRS backup for graceful degradation in GPS denied environments can be done by User requirement).
  • Plug and play support of peripherals including transponders, magnetometers, sat-comm modems, RTK GPS
    receivers, laser altimeters, and flight termination can be done by User requirement.
  • Radio frequency options for internal data links.
  • Auto Assist manual flight modes.
  • Flexible drag and drop flight plan generation and updates.
  • Powerful simulation tools. Single CPU software simulation in addition to complete system Hardware-in-Loop (HWIL) simulation, requiring less control law tuning.
  • Fixed wing and UAVs
  • Hand launched UAVs
  • Target drones
  • Integrated in gas, electric, and non-powered aircraft
  • Payload Intensive UAV integrations
  • Range safety monitors or Independent telemetry sources
The integrated ArianTech radio link is available in a range of frequency bands so that integrators can pick the radio frequency that best supports their operational environment. The ArinTech avionics and Ground Station radios must be configured with the same radio.
  • The 900 MHz ISM radio is an unlicensed radio in North America and Australia. ArianTech Technology recommends this radio option for North American and Australian customers not requiring DoD licensed bands.
  • The 2.4 GHz ISM band is unlicensed in North America, EU countries and other international locations.

Available Radio Options:

  • 900 MHz Unlicensed ISM*
  • 900 MHz Australian Band
  • 2.4 GHz Unlicensed ISM


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